Ethiopia Sidama Natural

Ethiopia Sidama Natural

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Taste: Blueberry, cocoa
Roast: Light - medium
Body: Creamy
Acidity: Delicate

    Cooperative: SCFCU

    The Sidama Coffee Farmers' Cooperative Union (SCFCU) represents some 86,000 farmers in Ethiopia's southern and culturally-distinctive Sidama region. Founded in 2001, SCFCU is equal parts development organization and technical adviser, investing heavily upfront to improve the quality and consistency of its coffee, which has in turn funded the construction of roads, bridges, electric supply stations, and paid the educational expenses of thousands of children.

    The coffee of the Sidama region is grown in the "garden style" which means  trees are planted around homesteads at low densities, interspersed with staple crops, and generally under the cover of indigenous shade trees.

    The water conserving "Natural Process" method allows the flavor laden coffee cherry to remain on the seed for days, saturating the bean with an intense berry flavor.  We carefully adjust our roasting to enhance the distinctive qualities of the Sidama Natural coffee.

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